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Chris Scurr
   great music -- brought back lots of good memories.
Babble Bow
   Great fit and good for working out in. I like the color and the seller (NY Lingerie) is one of my go to sellers for Champion wear. The price was reasonable and the shorts seem to be of good quality. Not too thin on the material, lightweight and perfect for summer.
Gabriel Merritt
   The material is fair enough..
Liecah Dagamac
   This is the paper filter you'll want to use with the Hario V60 01 or the Chemex 1-3 cup coffee makers. Very strong and reliable. Just pre-rinse it to make sure you don't get a paper taste before adding coffee grounds. These filters make the cleanest cup I've ever had.
Daphne Ida Rodriguez
   You can but the highest thread count sheets and they will not be as comfortable as these! I tried them once when I saw them at Walmart. They were $33 for king. They are Soooo sift and comfortable. I'll never buy anything else. I love the denim blue color of these. They're plenty deep as I have a 15" mattress with a 3" mattress topper and it covers this and stays in place
If you try these you will NEVER waste your money on percale, etc. YOU WILL NOT WANT TO GET OUT OF BED IN THE MORNING.
Monica Halmkrona
   Viewed for my brother's sake, he thought it was great! I loved the music!

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